We work to provide children with the opportunity to learn the value of good nutrition. We aim to offer an affordable alternative to their basic diet of refined flour, sugar and fizzy drinks, and engage them on the importance of what they eat.

We provide hands on cooking and nutrition workshops directly within the communities themselves, with groups of up to fifteen children aged between 6 and 14 years old. We cook with easily accessible, seasonable and affordable ingredients to make familiar recipes in a fresh and healthy way.

For photos and more information on our latest workshops check out our Facebook page which we are always updating.


Our ‘closed door’ restaurant gives people the chance to support our work whilst enjoying a 3 course vegetarian meal.

Every menu is different and made from scratch using local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Dinner is served at a shared table in our cosy San Telmo home every other Friday.

100% of profits go towards the work we do with the kids.

For upcoming dinner dates, reviews and more information you can visit our Facebook page.

Our Idea

Our aim is to help kids and communities who are living on the poverty line make better choices towards a more healthy, balanced diet.

We all want young people to grow up with the opportunity to work, learn and develop – to break the cycle of poverty.

To do this they need to be eating healthy food to nourish their young minds. With your support - we can help to do this.

To make a booking please email
or call
+549 15 3831 3286.

In our 18th Century San Telmo home enjoy a crostini selection and champagne cocktail, followed by a set 3 course dinner at our cosy shared table.

Alicia Amende - Founder

From the UK, Alicia came to Latin America in 2012, travelling from Mexico to Argentina ALL by bus and boat!

Her love and passion for food inspired her to start this project. With a degree in Business & Marketing she isn’t a trained chef, but has a French Grandmother and was raised to ‘live to eat – not eat to live’.

Luz Demaria – Nutritionist

Luz is from la Matanza, Buenos Aires and recently graduated from La Matanza University as a Nutritionist. She has helped develop the nutritional course and workbooks that we use with the children, as well as working directly with the kids in the communities.

Duncan Stroud - Media

Duncan is a native New Yorker who moved to Buenos Aires 11 years ago to pursue his writing.

Prior to that Duncan was an international technology consultant and Internet startup entrepreneur.

When Duncan is not writing or working with Delicias de Alicia, he is dancing tango.

Doug Fair – Partnership Outreach

Originally from Tennessee, USA, Doug has been living in Buenos Aires for 12 months. He is helping Delicias de Alicia with outreach to potential partners, using his enthusiasm for life to bring extra support to the work we do with children.

Laura Osorio - Chef

Originally from Columbia and an Engineer, Laura came to Argentina to pursue her passion and train to be a Chef! She started with the project in 2016, providing an expert hand to help in the kitchen and coming to the communities when she can.

Anita Saint Jean – Illustrator

From Buenos Aires and a background in Marketing, Anita is the creator of Hola Pocket Illustrations. Her illustrations for the children’s workbooks bring nutrition to life in a friendly and accessible way – so that even children want to colour in vegetables!

Our work is principally funded by our restaurant – so if you are in Buenos Aires and want to help, we would love you to come and eat in our restaurant!

We are looking for volunteers throughout all areas of the project – helping at the restaurant, working with the children in the communities, in communications and marketing, fundraising and much more!

We are based in San Telmo, and work in La Matanza and Lanús, where we provide the transportation. Volunteers can work on a flexible basis depending on their availability. Basic Spanish is a plus, and if you are new to Buenos Aires we can help you to find low cost accommodation. There are zero fees charged to volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send an email to with your CV and specifying in what area you would like to help.